A Breakthrough Idea for Every Parent with a Phone Full of Photos 

Leave the poor quality, mass-produced albums behind in only 5 minutes per month.

How many pictures do you think you take on an average day? How about in a month? 

What happens to those pictures after you take them? If you're like most parents, you...

    •ooh and ahh over how cute they are.
    •maybe text them to friends and  family.
    •post one or two to social media.

And then you NEVER look at them again. 

If this sounds familiar, it's because millions of parents are doing the same thing every single day. 

I should know. I was one of them. I was shocked to realize that my phone was FULL after having it for less than a year. I had taken 9,243 photos...and I hadn't printed a single one for my kids. 

It's as if I had cast these family memories aside to the digital graveyard rather than giving them the attention they deserved. 

Our Yearbooks are different than anything else in the market. 

Our Photo Albums are Professional Quality
You'll receive an expertly designed, custom album that is very different from the mass-produced, low-quality albums you might have tried. Our family yearbooks are made of heavy pages that lay-flat so they won't crease and come bound as a hardcover book with a beautiful linen fabric cover in the color of your choice and custom title.
There's Something for Everyone
Would you like a yearbook for each year? Or maybe you would like to highlight a favorite family vacation? I've had families create books for grandparents, and I've had grandparents gift books to their children so they could document their lives without stress.
Durable and Long-lasting
The extra-thick pages will allow you (and your children) to enjoy your memories without causing damage to the book.
Simple and Straightforward Process
All you have to do is gather your 10+ photos each month! It should take 5 minutes--tops! If you want to send me all 120 images for the book at once, that's fine too.
Would you benefit from a family yearbook? Ask yourself these 4 questions:
  • ​​Have you felt guilty about not being able to find digital photos of your kids?
  • Do you enjoy photographing your family but dread organizing your digital photos?
  • ​Are you too busy to figure out how to find the best quality album, edit the photos, design the album and have it printed?
  • ​Are you seeing grandparents and family less often because of Covid precautions and want to help them feel more connected?
    Answer "Yes" to any of these questions?
    The Our Family Yearbook membership is designed JUST for you. And we still have space for 8 special families for 2021. 
    I will create a beautiful, heirloom-quality album of you and your family's favorite images each year. 

    You will FINALLY get those pictures off your phone and into your hands so those memories can be cherished the way they're meant to be - the way you intended when you took the photos in the first place. 

    Imagine what it would be like for you to sit down with your kids to flip through a printed album, remembering the special moments you shared as a family.

    It's so much better than the stress of scrolling though screenshots, memes and blurry photos trying to find a moment in time you swear you documented. 

    In 10 minutes each month, you can free yourself of the stress and guilt that comes from an overflowing (and down the road inaccessible) digital archive.
    Did you know over just a couple of years, the average person accumulates over 10,000 photos on their phones, computer hard drives and cloud storage. These memories begin to feel like a burden rather than a gift. Together we can change that.
    Hi, I'm Shana. 

    I take pictures for a living...but that doesn't mean I'm immune to the digital stockpile of photos that do nothing but take up hard drive space and sit forgotten. 

    Like you, my family is crazy busy, and it's hard to find time to do the things we want to do versus the things we have to do. I fell behind on printing snapshots from birthdays, vacations and holidays. I knew I needed a better solution. So, I devised a system for my family and put my design degree and 17 years of photography experience to work.

    Once I saw our kids flipping through the albums smiling and laughing about moments they had forgotten, I knew I could help my clients who felt just as awful as I did about not creating the photo albums we had as kids.

    That's when I created Our Family Yearbook to end the guilt we feel as busy parents and to tackle it in a way that works for busy parents.

    If you've felt overwhelmed with the idea of organizing and printing your kids' childhood memories, you're not alone.
    We all need family yearbooks in this digital era.
    Every day we are snapping away with our smartphones or cameras, documenting our family's most important moments.

    But how often does it end there? The instant gratification of seeing the photo without it ever leaving our phone tricks our brains into thinking we've done the thing. Yet, digital photos come with a long list of downsides.
    How can you be sure your photos are being backed up? Digital photo loss is real. You will find countless horror stories on the internet of people losing hundreds, if not thousands, of photos to a computer virus attack, accidental file deletion or failed hard drive. It can be decades of memories gone in a flash.
    Kids can't snuggle up with your phone to walk down memory lane. Who even knows how we'll be storing these memories decades from now so that they can access them to enjoy and to show their kids. Remember records, 8 tracks, floppy disks? They were all the latest and greatest for storing information. Just recently we were storing digital photos on CDs and DVDs, and now most computers don't even come with a way to read them. Physical albums are a timeless keepsake that don't require any advanced (or changing) technology.
    When we rely on technology to safeguard our photos, there are always risks involved. Yet the answer is not to stop taking photos. All we have to do is embrace one critical aspect we tend to leave out—the physical photo album.

    Psychologists agree that having physical photographs in our homes has positive effects on our self-esteem, especially important for our children. 

    When our children see us proudly display our family photos in our homes and in albums, it solidifies their sense of belonging, even when the rest of the world is 

    Create beautiful albums in less than 10 minutes each month...WITHOUT designing a single page. Take a look at these results!

    "I was drowning in thousands of images on my phone and my computer."

    As a wife, mother, friend and travel consultant, I am constantly taking photos. A year ago I was drowning in thousands of images on my phone and my computer. Enter Shana Watkins and My Family Yearbook. Shana has made the process of transferring my photos from the cloud and into books absolutely seamless. Her attention to detail and impeccable aesthetic results in the most beautiful albums that I'll treasure.

    -Amy, Mom of two (ages 11 and 13) has completed books for 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020. 2021 is in the works!

    "It is exactly the solution we didn't know we needed."

    We have always wanted to find a way to more systematically catalog the photos of our kids as they grow up. While it is definitely possible to create photo books on our own -- cropping the photos appropriately, adjusting their lighting and contrasts, and creating beautiful layouts -- the overwhelming inertia just meant that we were never going to get it done. Shana's services are a Godsend! It is exactly the solution we didn't know we needed.

    -William, Dad of two (ages 4 and 6) has completed books for 2017, 2018, 2019. 2020 and 2021 are in the works.

    "Shana's photo book is so great and so easy."

    "As a person with 12,000 (literally) photos on my iPhone I have always struggled with what to do with them and how to put the memories together. Shana's photo book is so great and so easy. At the end of the month I send her my 10 favorite photos and at the end of the year I have an amazing reminder of all the fun the previous year brought. Even 2020 - the year of covid brought wonderful memories each month."

    -Brandy, Mom of two (ages 13 and 15) has completed her first yearbook for 2020 and now working on 2021.

    "Don't hesitate...this is 100% WORTH IT!"

    Our Family Yearbook has been a bright spot in 2020. My boys and I are so happy when we flip through our book. The book is gorgeous. The layout of the pictures is fantastic, and service from Our Family Yearbook has been outstanding. Don't hesitate...this is 100% WORTH IT!

    -Jill, Mom of three (ages, 8, 11 and 13)  recently created a book for her youngest son through the years as a birthday gift. 

    "She makes it so easy..."

    There is such a frustration with having a phone full of photos and nothing for your family to look through and enjoy when you're not around. It's so overwhelming to organize and to choose how to display. When I met Shana, I felt she was godsend. I loved the idea she could just create a yearly legacy album for me of all my favorites. Now the holidays are fast approaching, and I don't have to sit here and go through memories on my phone. My family can have their very own album! She makes it so easy and takes the stress out of worrying about losing my phone photos!

    -Felicia, Mom of two (ages 17 and 22) recently created 2020 books for her sons.

    Full-Service Family Yearbook Plans- ON SALE while they last!

    Pay in Full
    $839.00 $539 with code SAVE300
    Professional design

    Custom linen cover - you choose the color + title imprint

    Printed 10x10" hardcover, keepsake album

    Pay for the year and receive ONE MONTH FREE! 

    Send all 120 images at once or 10 images each month
    FREE edits for a consistent design
    $75.00 $49 
    Professional design

    Custom linen cover - you choose the color + title imprint

    Printed 10x10" hardcover, keepsake album.
    Subsequent months will be charged for a total of 12 payments

    Send all 120 images at once or 10 images each month

    FREE edits for a consistent design
    Wondering what to include in your family yearbook?
    Remind your children what life was like for them as kids when one day they can no longer remember.
    For children that have graduated preschool, kindergarten, moved to a new school or graduated high school, having those memories preserved in your family's yearbook will one day help them remember just how proud you were.
    Family Vacations
    Whether it's a fun staycation, weekend getaway, or a trip to an exotic destination, family vacations are always filled with timeless memories. Preserve these memories by adding them to your family yearbook.
    First Day of School
    Maybe it's your little one's first day of preschool or elementary school; these photos of a special milestone are a must-have for your family yearbook.
    Everyday Moments with Your Kids
    Each moment spent with our children can be photo-worthy. Remember, not only picture-perfect moments should find their way into the family yearbook. Sometimes the tantrums, the silly faces, the messy hair and the photo bombs will end up being your favorites.
    Mother's Day and Father's Day
    Maybe your kids or spouse planned a surprise for you during Father's or Mother's Day. Or, maybe you even planned something special for yourself. This special occasion deserves a spot in the family yearbook.
    Individual Accomplishments
    Family yearbooks offer an excellent opportunity to highlight what each family member accomplished that year. Maybe your youngest took her first step or your child lost a tooth or even started driving; all of these milestones deserve a spot in the yearbook.

    Do you have family begging you for pictures? Our Family Yearbook is the perfect gift!

    Grandparents love receiving these albums, and duplicates are available at a discount. A Family Yearbook is the perfect gift made with love and only becomes more valuable with time.
    Children of all ages love seeing themselves in print. Often their photos are in digital format stored in different devices, making it hard to access and organize, so this is a fun, new experience for them.
    Give a yearbook to your spouse. A gift certificate for a Family Yearbook is perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, Father's Day or Mother's Day. Sweeten the deal by offering to submit the photos.
    Q: I love the family yearbook so much! What if I want to get an extra copy?
    Of course! We offer duplicate albums at a discount.
    Q: What if I don't know where to start?
    I suggest starting with 2021 and once you're in the habit of submitting images, you can always go back and fill in any missing years. The key is to get started before it becomes even more overwhelming.
    Q: How long will it take for me to get my family yearbook once I give you my photos?
    Once we have received all of your photos, we will design and print the album and send it to you within 4 weeks.
    Q: What if I want more than 120 images in my family yearbook?
    No problem! Each additional image will be billed at $2.50 each at the end of the year.
    Don't miss out on this limited opportunity! 
    Demand for Our Family Yearbook 2021 memberships has been incredible! 

    These yearbooks are edited, designed and even printed by real people with a commitment to quality. 

    Once these spots are filled, I will have to close the membership until next year so I can give members my full attention in the coming year.

    Hope to connect with you soon! Shana

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